Monday, March 8, 2010

Introduction To The Real Natural Men Blog

Hello all:

So, here's the deal. A few years ago (I'd say about 3 years) I began to get into this stuff. Perhaps you have a similar story. You struggled with one particular girl, or had a crush on a girl that you really liked, and she either didn't like you back at any point. Or, she dropped you like rock and you were of course....crushed.

My guess is that you and I have pretty similar stories. A girl, in one way or another, broke your heart, and you turned to the internet for the solution, and the answer.

I don't remember exactly what I typed into Google, or the exact phrasing, but it was probably something like "why do women like men", or "how to get a girl to like you", or something along those lines.

If you do this, or search for something similar, you will eventually end up on a website promoting David Deangelo, or one of his actual websites.

From that moment, I was HOOKED. David D. does a great job of drawing you in, and really connecting to us men. We all have many of the same fears, and hangups, and if you watch a video program, or listen to an audio program you may sit there in amazement thinking, "Woa. I have that issue, too."

We all have our issues. Simply put.

I began listening to and watching every program, and ebook I could get my hands on. I can say, without hesitation, that I've listened to OVER 8 programs, beginning to end, of David Deangelo's DVD programs including Advanced Techniques, On Being A Man, Deep Inner Game, Bars and Clubs, Sexual Communication, Power Sexuality, Cocky Comedy, 77 Laws, Meeting Women Online, Many of the interviews with dating gurus, and, of course, the ebook that started it all, Double your Dating Ebook.

I can't thank David D. and all of the people involved with these programs enough. They've truly changed my life, and the way I think about the world. David D. is not the only "dating wizard" that I've studied. I've also watch many of the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) programs, and found that they contain information equally as meaningful.

Some of the programs were more impactful than others, but the real value, I believe, comes from simply being immersed in a different way of thinking, and listening to other men share their stories and successes.

So, enough rambling, what's this blog about:

This blog is an attempt to give you as much value as humanly possible when discussing women and dating, and the idea of attraction between men and women. I've read through TONS of websites, and audio programs, and all kinds of stuff. I've implemented much of it, while discarding a lot of it as well. In total, if I had to wrap a number around it, I'd say I've spent well over 1,000 hours studying this material.

Originally, this website was going to be setup to generate an income. I'll be honest, I initially had this content intended for a website to generate income for me.

But, I realized, after a few hundred hours of work, and a lot of thinking, that right now, I need to focus on bringing value to men, and helping them relate and understand their hangups, and hopefully learn some cool stuff along the way. This blog may not be the most organized, or the most fancy, but I aim to make the content GOLD.

So here are the goals of the blog:

1. Offer Value To Men In The Form Of Information About Women, Dating, Attraction, And Psychology.

2. Relay the information above through article posts, guest posts, videos, email list, or in any way that I possibly can. Sometimes, the posts may not be written by me. If I find a guest poster that is willing to post, and has a lot of value to offer, then I will allow them to post to the blog. Whatever is most valuable will win a spot as a blog post.

3. Connect with the community of men that have taken life by the balls, and decided that they'd like to change their lives for the better!

4. Provide advice, to the best of my ability, so that men may grow into more mature, healthy men (that includes me!)

I hope that you enjoy the posts, and are able to draw value from them, as well as connect with other men! I look forward to providing tons of value!

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz