Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why You FEAR Rejection and Overcoming Fear From Women

Why you have FEAR of Rejection & Overcoming Fear

Many men fear rejection from women. It’s not just you. Let me explain where this fear of rejection originates.

You see that hot woman in the restaurant, the bookstore, the party, or wherever and you feel the desire to talk to her and meet her. You feel the desire to talk to her, and at the VERY SAME TIME, you feel the overwhelming fear of ‘what if she rejects me?’ or ‘what if she doesn’t like me?’ You feel the DANGER of approaching her, and it actually feels like it may lead to some sort of physicial pain or harm if you approach her. Does this sound familiar?

First, let me just say that you are not alone, and many men (I’d say most) feel these feelings. You feel like you have two desires pulling you into two opposing directions. What’s that about?

A guy can psyche himself up for an hour to go talk to a woman, but when the moment comes for him to actually DO IT, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

The heart rate doubles, breath quickens, and eventually the pressure becomes overpowering as you think of one excuse after the other as to why you should NOT approach, and why this is NOT a good time, and what about the situation isn’t just right.

Notice how the article is titled “& Overcoming Fear”. It doesn’t say, “avoiding rejection”. It’s important to distinguish the difference between the FEAR of rejection and the rejection itself. Personally, I’ve found that my fear of rejection is far, far worse than the actual ‘rejection’ itself. The more you approach women, and have them respond positively, the less you’ll imagine things going terribly wrong, and realize most of the stuff you’ve imagined is just cooked up in your head, and the terrible events you’ve imagined are highly unlikely.


Here’s something you’ve probably never thought of. There are men out there, just like you and me, that have an uncanny ability to attract women, and they do NOT have amazingly good looks, lots of money, or use traditional romance.

For a long time, I believed that it was a mysterious, lucky ACCIDENT when women felt attraction for men. Or, some magical star shot by giving them the magical gift of attracting women. Not so.

I’ve spent lots of time the last few years studying WHY women feel attraction for men, and I’m giving you all the keys to the kingdom. I’ve created an E-course called the Real Natural Men Origins E-course, and I break down things like the psychology of attraction, why men fear rejection, and more importantly, how to create INSANE, RAW ATTRACTION with women that you’ve always wanted, and how to ATTRACT WOMEN ANYTIME, AND ANYWHERE.

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To Your Success,
Brittan Benz