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David Deangelo Mastery With Women DVD Review

David Deangelo Mastery With Women DVD Review

This program acts as one of the cornerstones in the community of improving your life with women and dating.  This is NOT a pickup guide.  It focuses much more on inner game rather than techniques.  However, David D. does throw out some of his favorite lines and techniques.  I watched this program 2 or 3 years ago, and remember thinking “wow, that was so impactful, how could it get any better than this program?” Well,  I was right, the program was one of the best, if not THE best program to date if you were looking for inner game and less about the lines, openers and stories, and more about improving your dating life, and yourself as a person, and a man.

HOWEVER, David Deangelo stunned me when he kept producing products like Man Transformations and others that really exceeded this program.  Not to say that this program isn’t awesome, because it is, but David Deangelo is a student of his own mastery, and I hope that he will keep improving his life and his programs!
I give this program two big thumbs up.  It’s long, composed of 10 DVDs and a workbook, but man is it impactful.  Man Transformations is similar, but much more expensive.  In fact, this program is NOT for sale from David Deangelo anymore (as far as I know), and can only be obtained second hand.  But, don’t worry, I can help with that!

You’ve just read something you will rarely see anywhere else- an HONEST review.  There are many great products to help you improve your dating life, and success with women, but not all products are created equally.  I want you to get the most bang for your buck and only get the best products.  In fact, I’m going to take it one step further and show you where to get up to 90% off many of the recommended products.  You can check out Ebay and get this program dirt cheap. 

Your Success,
Brittan Benz

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  • ·         Eliminating fear of rejection
  • ·         How raw attraction really works with women and what 97% of men will NEVER know about women
  • ·         5 deadly mistakes men will almost always make on dates
  • ·         Why women act angry, upset, and dramatic, and how you can take control of the situation
  • ·         How to flirt using eye contact and body language
  • ·         How to make women approach YOU
  • ·         The BEST date ideas that won’t cost you a dime
  • ·         The 7 personality traits that naturally attract women and how to develop them and put yourself on autopilot attractive male mode!

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David Deangelo Double Your Dating Book Review

David Deangelo Double Your Dating Ebook Review

    The beginning of the David Deangelo revolution. In 2001, David Deangelo released the first copy of Double Your Dating. It’s a simple little ebook that outlines his experiences with women and dating. This was the first piece of material I ever read, followed by his Advanced Series. Looking back at this ebook I smile, because I remember reading it and thinking that it was the most influential piece of reading that I’d ever seen, and was just dying to get my hands on more information. Today, I view this book in a completely different light. Yes, it was the cornerstone of my learning, and the spark that started it all. But, now I feel that I’ve evolved past some of the things in this book, and some of it’s no longer useful. This is a good thing. So, do I recommend reading this book… yes and no. Yes, it’s interesting if you’ve never read or listened to anything on the subject of women and dating. No, if you’ve ever read any other type of material, you won’t get any value out of it. If you plan on purchasing other information, I’d skip it.

    You’ve just read something you will rarely see anywhere else- an HONEST review. There are many great products to help you improve your dating life, and success with women, but not all products are created equally. I want you to get the most bang for your buck and only get the best products. In fact, I’m going to take it one step further and show you where to get up to 90% off many of the recommended products. You can click here to go directly to the signup page and start buying products.

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Brittan Benz

P.S. If you want the best bang for your buck, I’d definitely signup for my free e-course where I discuss some of the most potent principles I’ve learned from personal experience and the best principles from $4,739+ worth of products I’ve personally viewed and own! I discuss topics like:
• Eliminating fear of rejection
• How raw attraction really works with women and what 97% of men will NEVER know about women
• 5 deadly mistakes men will almost always make on dates
• Why women act angry, upset, and dramatic, and how you can take control of the situation
• How to flirt using eye contact and body language
• How to make women approach YOU
• The BEST date ideas that won’t cost you a dime
• The 7 personality traits that naturally attract women and how to develop them and put yourself on autopilot attractive male mode!

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P.P.S. You may be able to look around online and find this book for free.  Try typing in "DoubleYourDating.PDF" into google.  I've heard it's uploaded on Google Docs.

P.P.P.S. Yea, I just did it, and found it (I do not condone stealing or reading this ebook without purchasing it).

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Hot Colts Girl Shakes It During NFL Pre Season

This video is just for fun. Maybe it'll give you a little motivation for this weekend.  Watch this girl shake it for the other team.  Oh well, who cares who's she's shakin' it for.  She looks good doing it.

And, if you're feeling in the workout mood, maybe this will inspire you.  Personally, I just like to watch...Oh, and I'd turn on the High Definition for this.

Go get 'em this weekend.

To Your Success,

-B. Benz

Friday, August 20, 2010

Do Pheromones Really Attract Women? (Pheromone Reviews)

The Pheromone Question.... Do... They... Work?

    Look on most dating websites, attracting women forums, or some “insta-pimp” website, and you’ll almost certainly see talk or advertisement discussing (and usually praising) pheromones, and their amazing power to attract women. They’ll have some reviews from random people saying how great the product is. Of course, this is right beside a picture of some ridiculously attractive female…
I’ve even seen these sites display case studies of “Harvard Scientists” or something stating its success in case studies. Whether or not these case studies are true is not my place to say because I’m not a scientist. Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure that pheromones like pherlure ect. ect. don’t have some effect in attracting women. Weirder things have happened...

    But, here’s what I can tell you- my experience and my opinion. I know that it is possible to attract women like a rockstar, and dramatically improve your success with women without the need for “pheromones”. I can also tell you that I fell into the same pitfall you may be in, and that’s believing all the junk that you read saying “pheromones are great, you will see results, and you’ll get laid by women in the picture beside this review”. The truth is, I tried many types of pheromones, and saw Zero noticeable results except to a small hole in my pocketbook. Maybe there are people out there that swear they’ve had success with them, but, if you really start to get into the root cause of RAW ATTRACTION, and why women are attracted to men, you will see that this is easily explainable, and has absolutely nothing to do with the pheromones themselves, but it’s merely a glorified placebo effect.

    I’ll admit, it’s very tempting for someone who’s new to studying social dynamics, attraction, and success with women to buy into (no pun intended) these products. If you don’t believe me, and you absolutely can’t resist the nonsense, go ahead, buy the pheromones, put them on, try it, and I’ll see you back on my website in a few weeks once you realize you haven’t reached the level of success that you want…
Please, please, please take it from me, you don’t need pheromones, or any other magic potion type stuff, and it will only hurt your success if you begin buying into a quick-fix mentality of improving your success with women. A quick squirt or dab of a concocted formula will not display the attractive qualities of a strong sense of values, what you value in life, strong boundaries, confident body language, a positive outlook on life, and other qualities that truly attract women. Save your money, and the headache. Besides, most people promoting pheromones have one thing in mind- your pocketbook- not your success with women, and a fulfilled life.

    So, if pheromones are NOT the keys to success, then what is? Well, luckily for you I’ve summed up the keys to success, and how you can drastically improve your dating life, how to attract hot women, how to develop your own identity, boost your confidence, and live a life of sexual abundance, and I’ve summed it all up in my free e-course called the Origins E-course (coming soon). This provides the most comprehensive insight into women, attraction, dating, what REALLY attracts women, and they keys to a life of sexual abundance. It’s up to you to take the reins and change your life!

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz

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How Social Conditioning DESTROYS Sex & How To Rock Her WORLD

First, let me start off by saying that I am not responsible for this incredibly awesome material.  However, it's so great, and so well put together, I had to share it with you.  The initial author is "Caligula" and I give him all the credit.  Email me at if you'd like to see some more of his stuff.

So, here's his nuggets of gold on how sex in modern society has been totally destroyed by the way of the brutally misaligned, and feminine man...

"This knowledge changed my life. If you know how to fuck a woman well, you can provide her something that the majority of guys cannot: total, uninhibited, and ever increasing submission to pleasure.

The rewards are fantastic.

You have probably read the statistics that a large majority of women have never had a vaginal orgasm. You have probably also read that an even larger percent are unsatisfied with their sex lives (I read somewhere over 90%).

Knowing how to fuck will give you an enormous rate of return.

Perhaps the only thing that will give you a larger rate of return in terms of quality of life is taking care of your health.

I am only going to talk here about the things that I have learned AND successfully applied. Things that I am learning right now like Tantric sex, the male multiple orgasm and training her to cum while blowing you will not be covered here because I do not have a firm grasp on them yet.

This is more or less a bastardized version of The Sex God Method by Daniel Rose. For a fuller understanding of these concepts, I suggest you read that book.


Why Guys Suck In Bed

When a lot of guys try to improve their performance on bed, they immediately look for more positions, better ways to stimulate the G-Spot or proper clit-licking form.

In other words, they are focused on physical technique.

This stems from the mindset that sex is a form of physical pleasure.

The result is mutual masturbation with their partner(s), and usually pretty shitty masturbation for her, since she can usually pleasure herself better than you can if all you two are doing is rubbing genitals.

Women do not want to be pleasured by a gynecologist, they want to be fucked into submission by a man.

And the way you fuck a girl into submission is psychological, not physical.

This leads us to the golden rule of fucking: focus on stimulating her mind, not her body.

Write that on a sticky note and post it on the macaroni and cheese box where you hide your condoms.

Obviously, you need to know a few positions and some oral sex technique, but you merely need to strive for competance in that realm, not mastery.

In Daniel Rose's book The Sex God Method, Dan talks about the four pillars of amazing sex.

1. Dominance
2. Emotion
3. Variety
4. Immersion


Notice how all of those are psychological, not physical. One of the pillars is not “hit the g-spot at a 30 degree angle in the Zimbabwean orangutan position.”

That said, here is a very brief rundown of some basics of physical technique you should know.

1. Positons: Man on top (missionary), woman on top, doggy style, spooning, g-spot position (Her legs over your shoulders). These are your bread and butter, but feel free to use others. In fact, you should be putting thye two of you into new positions anyway.
2. Oral Sex: Tease her pussy first by breathing on it, kissing it or licking it softly, then thrust your tongue into her pussy (push the girl's legs above your head), do this for a little bit and then lick her clit. Calibrate the pressure to the girl, use plenty of saliva, lick the alphabet and ease off when she cums.
3. Fingering: Stimulate pussy over her panties, focus stimulation on opening of vagina, when you feel dampness through panties, take off the panties and stick in your finger(s). You can then moisten your finger and rub her clit and give her a clitoral orgasm with it or bend your finger(s) in a “come here” motion against her g-spot and give her a vaginal orgasm.

Oral sex should not be the mainstay of your sexual repoirtore, so don’t worry too much about it. While it is easiest to get a girl off by licking her clit, the orgasm she will experience from that is very lame compared to vaginal ones.

Focus on giving her vaginal orgasms. You do that by sticking your dick in there and giving her a ton of psychological stimulation. The things you do to her physical should merely compliment the psychological stimulation.


“The difference between raping and ravishing is heart connection.”
- Amber Lupton

The feminine loves to be dominated. That is why women are so attracted to men who dominate their own lives (ie having a purpose and living by it) and dominate others (Leading, giving good emotions, having high status).

When you are having sex, all social bullshit goes out the window. It is a naked caveman penetrating a naked cavewoman.

You mindset should be “I am going to ravish her,” not “I will have sex with her.” That’s not what you want, and that is definitely not what she wants.

So how do you do this?

Dirty Talk

A lot of guys limit their bedroom skills by not talking during sex. This is rubbish. You NEED to be talking to her if you want to give her multiple orgasms.

Obviously, this should not be logical AT ALL.

Good: “You’re my little slut, you’re so fucking wet. You’ve been thinking about my long, hard cock inside you all day, haven’t you?”

Good: “You love nothing more than getting fucked by my long, hard cock. Ya, take it all in my little whore.”

Good: “Say my name. Beg me to cum in my little pussy.”

Good: “You pretend you don’t like getting fucked all day, but I know you live for nothing else.”

Good: “Just thinking about your tight little pussy makes me hard.”

Good: “You’re my bitch. I am going to fuck you wherever and whenever I want.”

Take ownership of her and her body when having sex. Instead of calling her a slut, call her “my slut.” Say “my pussy,” “my tits,” and “my ass.”

Dirty talk is VERY dominant and triggers a lot of wonderful things in the girl.

IMPORTANT: Do not exclusively talk to dirty to her. It will hurt her immersion if she is worrying that you do not respect her. Initially limiting dirty talk to when she is highly aroused (ie when you are in foreplay or having sex with her) will prevent this from happening. Also, using emotional talk in conjunction with dirty talk will do the trick.

Manhandling and/or bondage

Toss her around. Pin her against the bed or slam her against the door (better than the wall). Pull her hair. Spank her hard. Rip off her clothes.

Just do what a dominant alpha male would do to his woman.

Additionally, it is awesome to LIGHTLY tie a woman down. Use her clothes to tie her against the bedposts, but make it somewhat comfortable for her. If she is in an overly uncomfortable position, her immersion will be hurt.

Doing so is very dominant, especially when you tease the hell out of her before penetrating her.

Another easy way is to put her in a very dominant sexual position. Fucking her doggy style, for example, is a great one to use because you are this towering man pounding the shit out of her while she is on her hands and knees taking it all in.


This is huge.

NEVER, EVER ask a woman to do anything in bed.

Bad/Horrible/Faggotry: Can I have sex with you doggy style?

Good: Get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind.

Bad/Horrible/Faggotry: Would you like to give me a blowjob?

Good: [stick penis next to her lips] Kiss it. Now suck it.

Bad/Horrible/Faggotry: I want to go all the way!

Good: Take off your pants.

Obviously, there is an ethical line here. I would not suggest doing anal or deepthroating a girl without consent. I’ll talk about those two a little later.


The single best way to get what it means to embody the elements of an emotional lover is to read romance novels.

There is a part of every woman who wants to be dominated, but there is also a part that wants to experience a wide range of emotions. A lot of women who have boyfriends that get the whole dominance thing also have lovers on the side who provide her with that wide range of emotions.

You want to embody both.

Obviously, if you create a lot of attraction outside of the bedroom, she is going to feel very strongly about you. This will carry into the bedroom, where you can dramatically amplify it.

In that sense, good game can lead to good sex.

To spike emotions as the relationship moves along, you need to get her to invest more and more into you.

Make her work for the privilege of having sex with you. After giving her some amazing sexual experiences, start by making her carry the load in conversations and make room in her schedule to see you. As you convert her, get her doing favors for you like cooking, laundry and take you on dates. Because a master lover like you is so rare, she will gladly do so (I didn’t believe it until I tried it).

Even in the bedroom, make her work for the sex. Make her do the work sometimes in seducing you, and have her go down on you as much as you go down on her.

Most importantly, CONSTANTLY PUSH HER OUT OF HER SEXUAL COMFORT ZONE. More on this later.

Doing these things will give you a strong emotional foundation to amplify during sex.

Emotional Talk

Again, it is essential that you talk when having sex. When inserting emotional talk, focus on three themes: possession, how strongly you feel about her, and how strongly she feels about you.

Good: Baby, I love it when I’m inside you.

Good: This pussy is mine, and only mine. No other man can ever touch you.

Good: Baby, I love fucking you so deeply. I can feel your soul.

Good: Tell me how much you love me

Note: Get her to say she loves you before saying so yourself. After she does so, it is very effective to tell her that you love her too and tell her this constantly while having sex with her. Obviously, it helps if you actually do love her.

Combining dirty talk with emotional talk is when the magic really happens. Don’t worry if it makes logical sense or that the transitions are smooth. Just try to incorporate a lot of both into most of your sessions.

Telling her “I love you” while treating her like a whore or telling her how you would never hurt her while your hands are around her neck are examples of this in action.


This is huge.

There is nothing more emotionally powerful than bringing a woman to the edge of what she wants and then not giving it to her. Once she has reached the edge of how much she can take, give her sudden, instant gratification.

For example, I like to tie my girlfriend up to her bodposts with various items of clothing. I will then spend 30 minutes or so teasing the hell out of her. I will pinch, nibble and lick virtually every part of her body. I will whisper very naughty things into her ear. I will then lick her pussy a few times and tell her “suck my cock for 2 minutes and you get three licks.” After this has gone on to the point where she is just losing it, I’ll suddenly slam my cock into her and watch as she cums right away.

Another idea is to thrust shallow and make her beg for you to thrust deeply. Another is to just tickle the edge of her pussy with your cock and tell her that you don’t think she can take it all in. It is a lot of fun to pull out of her suddenly, tell her you don’t think she can take it, let her freak out and then plunge your cock back in.

It is not uncommon for her to cum on the first stroke when you do this.

Have fun, and be creative with this. In essence, you are applying the “two steps forward, one step back” formula to sex.

Obviously, make sure she is aroused before teasing her. Otherwise, she will think you simply aren’t in the mood. If she is getting less aroused or clearly aggravated, then you should stop the teasing because it aint helping you.

And remember, the more sparse you tease, the more powerful it becomes when you do it.

Other Ideas

If you can bring in a“this is bad, we shouldn’t be doing this” and “we might get caught” context to the sex, her emotional response will be powerful. VERY powerful.

Try fucking her in public bathrooms, in the middle of the woods, in a changing room or in the computer lab (Funny story with that one).

Another way to spike her emotions is to make her look into your eyes when she cums or when you cum. Because of the pleasure she is feeling, this can be difficult for her. Hold her face with your hands if you need to (dominance).

WARNING: She will usually fall in love with you when you do this.

NOTE: The best time to say “I love you” for the first time is when she is about to cum. Every time I have done this, the girl goes into a continuous orgasmic state.

After Sex

After sex is where the emotional connection is solidified.

Women will usually talk emotional after sex. You should to, although try not to go higher than the level she is talking to you in. If you have already crossed the “I love you” threshold, this is a good time to remind her of that.

Recently, I’ve come to enjoy saying these cheesy, romantic poems to my girlfriend after sex.

Obviously, you need to evaluate where you are in the relationship.


This is all about pushing out of both of your comfort zones.

There is no easier way to kill your sex life than to do the same stuff every time you fuck.

Some guys are super dominant every time they have sex. For the first few times, she really digs this. Over time, however, she is going to crave someone who can take her through a wide range of emotions or give her a really immersive experience.

What you want to do is embody the traits of a dominant caveman type-lover, an emotional romance novel-type lover and and tantric spiritual-lover. If you can embody all three, she will have no urges to seek out any other partner.

Of course, this assumes you can competantly be all three.

This is actually pretty easy to do. Simply throw in elements of all three into each session, and change up the balance.

One night drag her into the bathroom, bend her over and give her a quickie. Later that night have a long, slow session where you are looking into each other’s eyes and professing how much you love one another. The next morning, as you are waking up, penetrate her and have a highly immersive, half-asleep fuck.

You get the idea.

Change it up during the session itself. At the beginning fuck her dominantly against the door, then suddenly pick her up, gently set her on the bed and slowly make love to her.

One time be 30% Dominance, 40% emotion and 30% immersion. The next be 80% dominance, 20% immersion.

Do multiple types at the same time. Grab her neck while telling her how much you love her and would never let anything bad happen to her.

With all of these things, you are giving her different types of psychological stimulation. That is where the power is at.

Of course, give her different types of physical stimulation to. Switch up positons, alter the amount of foreplay, etc.

Remember though, the focus should be on the psychological stimulation you are giving her. Make the primary focus of your variety on that.

Some other things to change up…
1. Location
2. Time
3. Context
4. Duration
5. Number of orgasms
6. Role plays and fantasies (Look some up)


This is the area where I am currently just digging into the deepest levels.

On the surface level, immersion is letting go of thoughts, fully stripping away any social conditioning and just being in the present moment.

Sex becomes the best kind of meditative experience for both you and your partner.

On a deeper level, immersion leads to out of body experiences and multiple male orgasms.

I will be writing about those deeper levels as I master them myself. For now, we will stick with the surface levels, which will be more than adequate to give your woman multiple orgasms, and sometimes even a continuous one.

Ultimately, sex does not require any planning, forethought or direction. When you enter the bedroom, your mindset should be “let’s see where this goes.”

“But Caligula, haven’t you been talking about all these techniques and what not throughout the article?”

Indeed, there is a lot of content here. However, none of it requires thought to implement. They are simply ways of being.

The reason why the Sex God Method is so powerful is that you don’t have to break off from the experience at hand to use it. In other stuff on sex I have read, you would have to be thinking things like “alright, time to rub the clit at the 1:00 position with a 30 degree angle.”

With the Sex God Method, all you need to think is “more dominance.” Pow, suddenly, you’re manhandling her or talking dirty into her ear.

When I was first implementing this, the only 3 thoughts that would ever come into my head during sex was “dominance,” “emotion,” or “variety.” Whatever I instinctively did after the thought is what I went with. And guess what, it worked amazingly well AND I was fully immersed.

You lose if you are thinking “ok, time for dominance. OK, let’s talk dirty. Gee, what should I say?”

The words dominance, emotion and variety are simply signposts that point towards a raw, non-socially conditioned part of you. That raw, non-socially conditioned part of you is what you should be relying on. That is far and away the best “how-to guide” available to you.

So be in the present moment, fully. Most performance problems that arise stems from not being present during sex.

- Premature ejaculation

This happens when you are inside your head. If you are fully in the present moment and fully in tune with your body, you will instinctively know when to slow down. Thinking about calculus will not help you all that much because it keeps you in your head.

- Not getting it up

This comes from putting pressure on yourself, which can only happen if you are inside your head. If you can get hard for porn, you can get hard when a naked girl is in front of you. Fully take in her beauty and allow your biology to do its thing.

- Performance anxiety

Again, being inside of your head. Ultimately, this also reflects a lack of dominance. You should be leading the girl in whatever type of sex you want, not trying to please her. Ironically, by pleasing yourself you by extension please her. My girl usually cums 6-8 times a session, and the entire time I am focusing on me and the experience I am having.

- Anxiety over size of penis

My penis is a whopping 6 inches. Seriously, it doesn’t make a bit of difference guys, and the only thing that could cause you to think that it does is watching too much porn or some other type of social conditioning. Recognize it for what it is, and it will gradually lose power over you.

Getting Her To Take It Up The Ass

Golden Rule of Anal Sex: Never, EVER, talk about anal sex with a woman except when she is highly aroused.

BAD/HORRIBLE/FAGGOTRY: “Honey, how do you like your chicken? Great. Hey, can we do anal tonight?”

You are engaging her social conditioning here. It is the equivalent of driving home with a girl you just met and saying “so should we go to the drugstore and pick up some condoms?”

Here is the field-tested formula for getting her to take it up the ass regardless of how sexually closed she is.

STEP 1: Introduce anal play when she is highly aroused. This means ribbing her ass cheeks with your hands while fucking her doggy style, and slowly working your way inward.

STEP 2: When she has been exposed to anal play a few times, and is highly aroused, tell her to imagine what it would be like to feel your long, hard cock fill her in a way that she has never experienced. Imagine your ass being fucked. But we can’t do that, it would be bad.

STEP 3: When she is about to cum, stick your finger into her ass. Mentally, she will associate anal penetration with orgasm.

STEP4: Next session, when she is on the bring, take out your cock and put it up against her ass. Say “baby, this is bad, but I am going to fuck you up the ass.” Wait for her to say yes, then lube your cock and the inside of her ass GENEROUSLY (I like astroglide).

STEP 5: You need to be ridiculously slow if this is her first time. Tell her to finger herself while you slowly push your cock in and out. Again, this needs to be very, VERY slow. It usually takes me about 5-10 just to get the head of my cock into her ass. The pain she feels will be overrided by her fingering and you whispering dirty things into her ear (example: “God, it feels amazing to me in your ass.”)

STEP 6: After a very long time, you should be in her ass. Let her get used to it, then pound away. When you cum in her ass, it will be a unique feeling for her. She will feel very dirty. The cum that drips out of her ass might be dirty to, lol.

And so there you go, how to fuck your girl up the ass in 6 easy steps.

Remember, lube is essential.

Final Notes

These are what I consider the essentials that every man should know about how to please a woman. What kind of results can you expect by applying this material?

- Before, I could give a woman an orgasm per session, and usually get myself off as well. Now 6-8 orgasms from her is an average session.

- Before, I had never even heard of the continuous orgasm. Today, I can get my girl into one of those on average 1-2 times a month

- Before, I had never had anal sex. Now I have, and my girl wants it more than me.

- Before, my relationships were pretty balanced solely because I had options and game. Now women are sexually addicted to me, to the point where they go out of their way to please me.

Again, mastering sex is one of the most worthwhile things you can do.

Quick thought on "reading about sex."

Initially, I was reluctant to do any kind of research into sex.  I figured that it was "natural" and that any kind of research into it would make it unnatural.

This is true in some respects.  If you pick up a book that focuses on physical technique, you will probably get worse in bed because you will be more inside of your head.

As a result, you really should stick to books that focus on the psychological parts of sex.  David Deida's work is great, some evolutionary psychology books I've read have been helpful, as have a lot of the tantra stuff that I have read.

The reason why these resources are great is because they point you to a place within yourself that already exists as opposed to telling you what to do.

As an extension of this, you can actually improve your bedroom skills by studying natural game resources, including the ones put out by RSD (The Blueprint actually was useful in improving my sex life... 9 months after I first watched it, lol)."

Great stuff.  Thanks again Caligula!  Dude's the man

To Your Success,

B. Benz

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Cut From A Different Cloth?

Cut From A Different Cloth?

A big “ah-ha” that I had about attracting women and dating is a term that I borrowed from RSD (Real Social Dynamics) called we are all “cut from the same cloth” or also phrased no one is “cut from a different cloth”. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s pretty simple. Think about all your fears, frustrations, desires, feelings, and thoughts. You may think some bizarre stuff. You may think that you’re the ONLY person in the WORLD who has your same apprehensions, fears, and frustrations. But, you’re not!

The reason I say this is because as you read articles on this website, and follow the E-Course, you will realize that there are some guys that get more women that you ever thought possible. Guys literally can go to a new city or new place, not know a single person, and absolutely OWN it. They make friends with everyone, the women eat them up, and they make everyone’s night better. And, it’s not because of their money or looks, or anything like that. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Well, I couldn’t do something like that, that’s not me”, I say BULLSHIT!

No matter how BAD or hopeless you think you may be, no matter what problems you have, or fears that you think are not conquerable, they CAN be conquered, and I GUARANTEE you that there are men out that started off worse than you, and with way worse “problems” that conquered them and eventually changed their life.

Want an example? There are countless, Tyler Durden, one of the founders of Real Social Dynamics, started off about 8 years ago really screwed up mentally, with NO success with women, a major chode, below average looks (sorry Tyler), and harboring a LOT of negative beliefs about women in general. Today, he runs one of the most prominent and respect businesses helping men deal with their issues and become more successful with women, and I have MASSIVE respect for him (not to mention being a total MACK with women). In fact, most of the men that run self development companies or have products like David Deangelo, the guest speakers on programs, Carlos Xuma, and others weren’t exactly born with the skills and beliefs that allow them to be successful with women. Actually, many of them were self-proclaimed wussy’s and chodes. They did not have NATURALLY good skills with women. But, they made a conscious effort to change their lives, face their fears, and take back control of their lives.

Ever heard of Sean Stephenson? Sean has been featured on countless television programs, interviews, he’s a college graduate, a Phd in psychology, and one of David Deangelo’s dear friends. He was born with a rare bone condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, that makes his bones extremely brittle and him extremely fragile. He’s been confined to a wheelchair for the 30 years of his life. Check out this short clip from the David Deangelo Man Transformations DVD:


If you think you have physical limitations or fears or excuses that are holding you back, think again! This guy, despite all of his physical issues, has a dating life, and probably a good one at that.

Remember to think of Sean Stephenson next time you have a fear or excuse holding you back. You are NOT cut from a different cloth as the guys that are living a life of sexual abundance, they’ve simply chosen to take action and take control of their life for the better!

To Your Success,

Brittan Benz

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Masturbating and It's Relationship To Attracting Women

Stifler: The Ultimate Horny Male (Just For Fun)
Currently… abstaining from masturbation for about 3 days.  Feelings- tense feeling in/surrounding pelvic region. Thoughts- Thinking about every hot girl that walks by, pops up on my computer, or even skips through my mind. Insatiable desire to have sex.  The first day is the hardest.  The 2nd day isn’t easy, and the third day sucks pretty bad too.
But, it does seem to get better after about 4 days.  You lose the intense feeling that at any point you may bust a huge, raging erection and pounce on the first attraction girl you see.
So, why put yourself through this abstention?  Sounds miserable doesn’t it?  There’s a good reason, don’t worry and I’ll get to that.  But, I’m doing it to study firsthand the effects of male masturbation and attracting women.
The Theories
I’ve heard several different theories about the effects of masturbation and attracting women.  So, let me run down a few of the very basics…
1.       NOT MASTURBATING increases sex drive, libido, and testosterone thus enhancing the desire to pursue women.
2.       NOT MASTURBATING increases sex drive, libido, and testosterone thus making you more uncomfortable, fidgety, and generally sporadic around women making you seem unsure and lack confidence
3.       MASTURBATING decreases sex drive, libido, and testosterone thus decreasing your desire to pursue and attract women.  May also make you feel less interested, and have “casual” conversations with women rather than “attraction” based conversations with women
4.       MASTURBATING decreases sex drive, libido, and testosterone thus decreasing your desire to purse and attract women.  This results in feeling less detached from the outcome of conversing and interacting with women, thus, you come across as more confident and secure.
Of course, most theories are a combination of these 4.  But, it’s interesting that there’s so much wide debate on the subject.
I can share with you my personal experience with this, and how I feel when masturbating vs. not masturbating.
If I have participated in masturbating for a few days in a row (usually once a day) and then abstain I can usually tell a difference almost immediately.  The next day, the tension begins to build up inside.  Naturally, this is the first, and most obvious effect- you feel more horny.  Secondly, I noticed that I have more desire to be active.  I have increased motivation to exercise, get out of the house, accomplish and achieve.  So, as you can see, I’m not just talking about motivation to go out and meet women (this one seems rather obvious), but also the desire to simply be active and productive.
In contrast, and I’m sure you’ve probably experienced this,  when I masturbate frequently, I lack the desire to do productive things.  Instead, I’m more content to lay around the house, and definitely loose some desire to approach and meet women.  However, there’s also the connection for me to simply masturbate more.  So, say if I do it once earlier in the day, I want to do it again later on.  Addictive? Maybe.  But, there may be more to it.  Let's look more at Masturbating and Attracting Women
Effects Of Ejaculation On Testosterone Levels
As you know, testosterone is what makes you more masculine.  For women, it’s estrogen that makes them more feminine.  Both men and women have each, but men have more testosterone, and women more estrogen.  Simple enough.
In 2003, a case study was done on the effects on males in abstaining from masturbation and testosterone levels.  In a nutshell, the study found that testosterone levels increased gradually between days 1 through 5 when abstaining from ejaculation.  But, and this is the big ‘BUT’, on days six and seven, the testosterone levels saw a HUGE spike (up to 147% increase in body testosterone levels).  After day 7, the testosterone levels returned to normal.
In conclusion, the study found that abstaining from an ejaculation for 7 days was the effective number of days to abstain from ejaculating to reach peak levels of testosterone.

A different case study reported on an observation of male rats during post-ejaculation and sexual exhaustion phases.  The study found that after 4 days, only 63% of rats showed mating/sexual behavior.  But, after 7 days 100% of the rats showed the same.  The reoccurring number of 7 shows up again.
One thing to take away from this is that everyone may be a little bit different, but, there’s definitely a correlation between increased testosterone levels and abstinence for 5-7 days.
My personal experience dictates much of the same.
So, let’s take a deeper look into the theories I mentioned earlier.
The Loaded Gun Theory (There’s Something About Mary):
Script excerpt from the movie-
   Okay, sounds like you're all set. Just
           clean the pipes and it's a go.


           You know, clean the pipes.

           Pipes? What are you talking about?

           You jerk off before all big dates, right?
           Tell me you jerk off before your big dates.

Ted just stares at him.

                        DOM (cont'd)
           You don't jerk off before--?! Are you
           crazy?! That's like going out there with a
           loaded gun. No wonder you're nervous!

Ted considers this.

                        DOM (cont'd)
           Think about it: After you've had sex with a
           girl and the two of you are laying in bed,
           are you nervous?


Dom shrugs...Duh.

           Why's that?

           I'm usually too tired to be.

Dom makes a game-show BUZZER sound.

           Wrong. It's because you ain't got the baby
           batter in your brain any more. That'll fuck
           with your head, that stuff will.

                 (starting to believe)

           The most honest moment in a man's life is
           the five minutes after he's blown a load.
           That's a medical fact. And it's because
           you're no longer trying to get laid. You're
           actually thinking like a girl. They love

           Jesus Christ you're right.

           You bet your ass I'm right. You don't go
           out with a loaded gun, you empty the

                 (shakes his head)
           Holy shit, I've been going out with a
           loaded gun!

This theory is taken out of comedy movie, but the point is still valid.  Masturbating does make you more calm and relaxed.  In fact, some people say it helps them go to sleep.  This theory says that you will feel more calm and relaxed.  So, when you approach women, you will not feel nervous, and won’t do anything stupid thus aiding in the attraction process.
Seinfeld Abstinence Theory
In an episode from Seinfeld, George quits having sex because his girlfriend contracts mono.  Now, George turns his focus to learning and turns into a genius.  Sex now becomes less of a distraction for him and he’s able to focus his thoughts on other more productive things.
What can we take away from this idea?
Well for one, the abstinence from sex does NOT decrease distraction.  In fact, it amplifies it.  My personal experience dictates that when I’ve got 4,5,6 days without release, it becomes impossible to not feel that immense buildup of sexual tension and horniness.
So, if it’s always going to be a distraction, wouldn’t it be best to simply “deal with” this distraction? Not necessarily.
Ejaculation On Dopamine Levels
I once watched a video on methamphetamine and dopamine levels in humans and how that whole process works. 
Basically, dopamine is a reward agent for our bodies.  By that I mean that it’s a chemical that fires off in the nervous system that makes you feel happy, euphoric, content etc etc.  Here’s the formal definition of dopamine:
a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the brain and essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system
Dopamine has many functions in the brain, including important roles in behavior and cognition, motor activity, motivation and reward, inhibition ofprolactin production, sleep, mood, attention, and learning.
To make this simple to understand, think of dopamine as a unit of happiness.  This is how the video on crystal meth and dopamine explained it to me.  An expert professor in the study of dopamine and the human nervous system explained that, “Say eating a cheeseburger realeases one unit of dopamine into the nervous system of the body and an orgasm releases 2 units of dopamine into the body.  To put that in comparison, one hit of crystal method introduces 2,000 units of dopamine in comparison.”
Essentially, the professor was trying to say that’s why crystal meth is so addictive.  So, DON’T DO IT GUYS! J
But, back to my main point.  When you have sex, and have an orgasm, dopamine is released into the body.  It reinforces that the body “likes this” as one of humans main hard-wired desires is to procreate.  So, if you meet this need, your body rewards with a huge release of dopamine.
On the reverse side, when dopamine levels are depleted, it creates an adverse effect on other levels of the nervous system that need it to function properly.  A study published by the American Journal of Psychology showed the effects of low dopamine levels on its male volunteers.  These male volunteers deliberately had their dopamine levels depleted over a 42 hour period.  During the timeframe, these normal, socially healthy males experienced signs of obsessive-compulsiveness, thought disorders, social anxiety and depression.
Since ejaculation (masturbation) releases dopamine, I think it’s safe to say that too much release can lower dopamine levels and may have an adverse effect on your lifestyle and drive to attract women, but also to achieve and be productive.
My Theory In A Nutshell
 Motivation is a huge part of becoming an alpha male, being sexually active, and attracting women.  Some days you feel more motivated that others.  But, there seems to be a clear relationship between lack of motivation, and masturbation.
You may disagree with my opinion.  You may take the argument that masturbation relaxes you and essentially makes you “care less” and give off the alpha vibe as a result.  Please, feel free to comment and post.  I’m in search of truth just like anyone else.
In my personal experience masturbation gives off a false reward thus losing motivation in pursuit of the “real deal”.  This tricks the body into thinking that it is giving off alpha male qualities when in fact it’s giving off beta male qualities.  In effect, it’s a vicious cycle.
 Masturbation= less motivation= less real sexual intercourse
Less Frequent or No Masturbation= more motivation= more sexual intercourse
After examining the above evidence I’m going to personally conclude that masturbation is best on a 7 day cycle.  No more than once every 7 days.  The concept is that I masturbate only 7 days.  If I have sexual intercourse within those 7 days, then great.  But, if I don’t, then I can “relieve myself” on day 7.
Feel free to contribute to this post.  Has anyone else experimented with this concept?  Give details!
To Your Success,
Brittan Benz