Wednesday, July 7, 2010

David Deangelo 77 Laws DVD Review

"Here Are All Of My VERY BEST
Concepts, Techniques, And Ideas...
Condensed, Stripped Down, And
Delivered To You In A Rapid-Fire,
“Affirmation Style” That Not Only
Teaches You The Material...
But Subconsciously Burns It
Into Your Brain -
Making The Skills Required
For MASTERY With Women
A Permanent Part Of You,
In The Fastest Amount Of Time
Humanly Possible...”

77 Laws is exactly what it sounds like. David D. has collected his main ideas, and killer concepts, and put it all into one program. He begins at the top of the list of the most broad paradigms, and works his way down the list. Here’s a short list of examples:

  • The KEY to MASSIVE Confidence – I’ll show you the special 5-minute exercise I’ve created that---when done daily---“stair steps” your self-image to a more and more confident and charismatic state… to the point where women can literally FEEL your presence when you walk into a room (I’ve done this for YEARS and I can’t begin to tell you just how much it’s affected my life… and my success with women.)
  • A DEADLY mistake guys make that prevents them from EVER being successful with women… and what to do instead (I HAD to include this in the program because almost ALL MEN make it. It’s the thing that causes most “regular” guys to only be able to date women who aren’t “high quality”… and causes some men to get ZERO women whatsoever. The really sad thing is that men NEVER KNOW they are making this mistake… but now you will… and I’ll show you how to correct it fast)
  • A new way to learn and INTERNALIZE any skill---whether it’s related to attracting women or not---twice as fast (With this secret, you can “fool” your brain into thinking you are already an expert at performing the particular skill… so you do it perfectly EVERY TIME. You’ll use this trick to teach yourself to approach women, get phone numbers, and even please a woman in the bedroom at a “mastery” level in just a few short days.)
  • An all-too-common bad habit that tells a woman---and anyone else around you---that you are a WUSS instantly… even if you “appear” to be a confident guy on the outside (If you don’t REALLY have your “inner game” together you are probably making this mistake now… so listen up…)

This is a pretty unique concept, and doesn’t follow the same script as many other programs. David D. claims he’s “designed it as a refresher course” if you’ve already gone through other programs. I think this is a fairly accurate description of the programs best use, and the audience that should view the program. I would NOT recommend this to someone that has never viewed another DVD/CD program recommended by me, but I would recommend this set for someone that has seen other programs, and wants a quick “refresher” course.

However, compared to David Deangelo’s other programs, I wouldn’t say it’s his most powerful program, or the one that offers the most value, and I think other programs by Real Social Dynamics or an ebook may be more valuable if you’ve already listened to other David Deangelo programs. When I first went through this DVD, I had already seen probably 5 other David Deangelo programs, so this program was nothing but a broad overview. However, I would recommend looking into a Real Social Dynamics program (all reviewed on this website), or other program.

I believe that David Deangelo is a pioneer in the field of women/dating, self-help, and I have MASSIVE amounts of respect for him. But, I do believe that it is very beneficial to get another perspective on this type of information whether it be Real Social Dynamics, Carlos Xuma, or other information set.

Who Does This Program Best Suit?:

· People who would like a refresher course of David Deangelo Products
· Someone looking to spend a little less money (program cheaper than other David D. Products)

· If you’re looking for a general reference on how to mentally prepare yourself for ‘picking up’, this material is perfect. This can serve great as affirmations to develop the mental toughness on your way to pick up mastery.

· At a point where mastery of the arts is where you want to head and you no longer feel that you’re missing that ‘one key’ that’ll solve your frustrations, then I feel that these laws are the skeleton frame of what you need to build on.

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