Tuesday, July 6, 2010

David Deangelo Bars & Clubs DVD Review

“Here's The True Story Of How
I Went From Not Even Being Able
To TALK To A Girl In A Nightclub
To Literally Being Able To
Go To Any Bar Or Club Anytime
And Meet As Many Beautiful Women And Get As Many Dates As I Want...”

If You Learn The Simple Secrets I'm
About To Reveal, You Can Confidently
Go To A Bar Or Club, Approach The
Most Attractive Women, And Walk Out
With More Phone Numbers And
Dates Than You Can Handle...

Let's face it. All mean DREAM of having the skill set to walk into a nightclub or bar, have a fun night, meet a lot of women, and develop a strong attraction and chemistry with the hottest ones. This program discusses the principles behind the bars and clubs scene as well as introduces several guest speakers that seem to have a VERY finely tuned skill set in the environment.

Craig (David Deangelo's friend) takes much of the spotlight in this particular program. Personally, I really like Craig. He's got his act together, and I can imagine he'd ROCK the nightclub scene. Tyler Durden also comes in as a great speaker in the last hour and gives some of his basic principles. And, the famous PUA Mystery also joins the program.

I like this program. The program is strictly (technique-based and doesn't touch the underlying issues that most men have when learning from this stuff, but the program DOES provide an insight into various techniques and philosophies that guys that are REALLY good with women have.

I like the program; however, it's not my favorite of David Deangelo’s. If you're new to programs and seminars on this topic, it may be a good program to view, but, it’s not among my favorites. The one major benefit that it DOES offer to new or inexperienced guys is it allows you to see the different schools of thought, but also the commonalities and internalized beliefs of several different men that KNOW and UNDERSTAND the psychology of female attraction. I think David Deangelo offers other products that are much better, and really get to the real underlying issues men have with women and dating. Personally, I like Flawless Natural and Jeffy Show for dealing with being successful in bars and clubs. These programs by Real Social Dynamics are among the best in the biz, although they tend to be a little more pricey.

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