Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David Deangelo- Deep Inner Game Review

“New Breakthrough Discoveries In Science And Psychology Help You Eliminate The
Anxiety, Nervousness, Self-Doubt And FEAR
That Are Destroying Your Chances With Women
It's Time To FINALLY Overcome Your Fears,
Take Control Of Your Emotions, Learn To
Approach Women Easily To Start Conversations...
And Transform Yourself Into The
Powerful, Confident, Attractive Man That
Every Woman Is Desperately Looking For...”

The Deep Inner Game program centers around the interaction between David Deangelo and Dr. Paul (founder of Mind OS and a genius in psychology). This program is considered “inner game” (hence the name), and doesn’t go into a lot of lines, openers, kino escalation, or any of that, but rather, WHY these things work, and the deep level that these things hit if used correctly, and why they flat out SUCK if used incorrectly!

Personally, I’ve found that I get wayyy more out of this type of information versus programs that outline specifics of “Do This, Then This….”. At first, I always looked for the next line, then the technique, and the magic pill that society tells us exists. Eventually you will see that this type of material will only get you so far, and frankly, it’s not the ultimate level of success I want, or that you probably want, whether you admit it or not.

David D. and Dr. Paul really break down things like boundaries, high ethics, emotions, and other deep rooted issues that really gets down to the root of attraction, and how to improve yourself as a mature man.

My final verdict on the Deep Inner Game Review...

Here’s the deal. As you can tell by reading my reviews of other products, I’m a huge fan of David Deangelo, Real Social Dynamics, and Carlos Xuma. I’d say these guys are the top three on all levels. Each of them delivers awesome material, with different teaching methods, and different insights. Ultimately, all of their materials are sign posts to a feeling you seek called bulletproof confidence. Some external signs of this include really, truly NOT CARING if a woman rejects you, high self esteem, genuine happiness on all levels, ridiculously good skills with women, and life of sexual abundance.

Multiple products that I’ve reviewed on this website point you in the right direction, and David Deangelo’s Deep Inner Game is one of them. I REALLY like this program. But, this is a review and I want you to get the most bang for your buck should you choose to purchase a program.

So, here’s my advice… If you’ve watched another David Deangelo Program like Advanced Techniques or Mastery, or Man Transformations, I’d consider picking up a Real Social Dynamics Program or Carlos Xuma program, and vice versa. Ultimately, you must find the “sign posts” that hit home to you the most and register to you. If you try a David Deangelo program and a Real Social Dynamics program, and you like the teaching style of one better than the other, stick with the one you like. But, I DO recommend trying a taste of each of them to find the material that best hits home to you.

I do have some opinions specifically related to David Deangelo’s Deep Inner Game Program. First, if you can afford it, I’d HIGHLY recommend this one on DVD. There’s lots of visuals that make this program much more beneficial on DVD (more about affording this program in a moment). Secondly, don’t pick this up as your FIRST program. If you’re a newbie, I’d recommend something else, as this is more internal based improvement. Overall, I really like this program, but I would recommend diversifying if you’ve already seen another David D. program.

Here's a Sample of the product on DVD...

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