Monday, August 30, 2010

David Deangelo Double Your Dating Book Review

David Deangelo Double Your Dating Ebook Review

    The beginning of the David Deangelo revolution. In 2001, David Deangelo released the first copy of Double Your Dating. It’s a simple little ebook that outlines his experiences with women and dating. This was the first piece of material I ever read, followed by his Advanced Series. Looking back at this ebook I smile, because I remember reading it and thinking that it was the most influential piece of reading that I’d ever seen, and was just dying to get my hands on more information. Today, I view this book in a completely different light. Yes, it was the cornerstone of my learning, and the spark that started it all. But, now I feel that I’ve evolved past some of the things in this book, and some of it’s no longer useful. This is a good thing. So, do I recommend reading this book… yes and no. Yes, it’s interesting if you’ve never read or listened to anything on the subject of women and dating. No, if you’ve ever read any other type of material, you won’t get any value out of it. If you plan on purchasing other information, I’d skip it.

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P.P.S. You may be able to look around online and find this book for free.  Try typing in "DoubleYourDating.PDF" into google.  I've heard it's uploaded on Google Docs.

P.P.P.S. Yea, I just did it, and found it (I do not condone stealing or reading this ebook without purchasing it).