Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The College Scene

Attracting Women: The College Scene

So you want to know how to score those college chicks? - the hot sorority girls, and the girls wanting to live up their college years. The ones fresh out of the nest, and looking to spread their wings. Well, I like to think I know a little bit about college life considering I’ve done it, and I had some pretty decent success.

Why College Game Is A Little Bit Different

OK, if you’ve read, or seen other things online about attracting women, you’ve most likely seen or heard of the “pickup gurus” like mystery, juggler, Tyler Durden, and others. If not, let me be the first to tell you that these guys are AWSOME with women. Flat out, they know their stuff. You’ll also hear people say things like “Does mystery method work?” or “Does Formula ______ work?” Well, yeah, it works for them, and who knows, maybe it works for you.

But, the college scene is a little different. See, the gurus teach you how to go out in field and make connections, and build attraction with people you’ve never met. And, if you don’t meet them RIGHT THEN, you may never see them again.

College Is Social

College is a “social scene”, and the guys who have the most success with women understand this scene, and rise to the top of it, and if you’re not in the right social circle, then you’ll be limited in your selection of women.

If you can cold approach a girl in a mall and create an attraction, then great, but that’s probably not going to be your best asset in the college arena. Think of the college scene as a tribe (a large one if you’re talking about a big school), and everyone is connected in some way. You have the top “leaders”, and you have the lower, less alpha males. Which one do you want to be?

Real World vs. College Social Hierarchy

Scene #1: Dallas night scene in the early summer. Lots of different people. You visit one of the popular bars or night clubs. A place like this is a one-time event, and it’s very unlikely you’ll see most of the people ever again. There’s no clear pre-existing social hierarchy simply because most people don’t know other people in the venue.

Scene #2: A night in college starts about 9:30, and a group starts pre-partying at a house, with people that have known each other for several years. After a few games of beer pong, or drinking games, you might venture to a local bar, frat house, or house party. Here you’ll find people looking around spotting people they know, making conversation, and guys will be high-fiving, and the atmosphere is generally friendly. Girls will be scanning the room for people they know, and if there’s a strong Greek life, and lots of fraternity guys and sorority girls, this atmosphere of everyone knowing everyone will be much stronger. College parties quickly turn into groups of 3-6 meeting at the same place, and this grows into a large group of 100 or more people connected together when you consider the connections that everyone has to one another via mutual friends.

Seeing these parameters, you can probably understand why lines and routines DO NOT work in this environment. This environment has everything to do with SOCIAL HIERARCHY.

The Mindset Of A College Girl

Let’s face it. In this environment, girls ASSUME that they will meet guys day in, and day out, through their daily activities. Here’s their thought process:

What Guys I Might Hook Up With?
What Guys Do I Know Who Can Introduce Me To Guys I Might Hook Up With?
What Girls Do I Know That Might Introduce Me To Guys I Might Hook Up With?
Get Drunk…

You see, girls aren’t going out with the same mindset as they would a bar or outside of college with the “I want to get hit on” mentality. Girls in college tend to be pretty close minded to the idea of meeting people outside of the large “social circle”, and especially the younger ones (freshman and sophomores). These girls are going out with the “selecting” mindset. They are constantly reading social cues and your behavior towards other guys as well as your interactions with other females.

The pre-selection you must demonstrate is with your actions and personality traits, and not with your words. Sorry, your “real world game” will only make you look like an outsider in this environment.

A Few Things To Get You In The “IN” Crowd

Be honest with yourself, you know who the “IN” crowd is. You know that sorority, or fraternity that is always the center of social interactions. Guess what? If you aren’t in it, it’s OK, I’ve got a few tips, and ideas for you to think about.

1. Introduce yourself to some of the people- DUH! But, you’d be surprised how many people don’t think about this. You have to put yourself out there. Maybe you have class with some of them, hang out with them, talk to them, and genuinely get to know them. Let’s say the group on campus that’s the in crowd is fraternity/fraternities, and you’re totally opposed to the “frat guy” attitude or type. Don’t be too quick to judge. A lot of these guys are really cool. Give them a chance, and they’ll give you a chance. As with any type of social interaction, don’t be NEEDY. Don’t act like you HAVE to have these guys so that you’ll be cool. That’s ridiculous, and if you act this way, you certainly won’t be making any new friends. Be cool, don’t call them 9 times a day, and offer VALUE to the situation (Tyler Durden’s Concept).

2. Assume value- once you begin to know some people in the group, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to others, and ASSUME you’re in the group, and they should ALREADY know you.

3. Greek Scene- I keep bringing this up because the Greek scene at lots of schools has the hottest females. It’s just a fact. Don’t be negative about this group. Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Some of these guys are really cool- get connected with them. If you’re in the Greek scene, be honest with yourself, are you in one of the cool ones that always has the best parties and social events, or are you maybe 2nd or 3rd tier. If you aren’t the top dog, it’s OK. Get to know the ones that are. You gotta be honest with yourself.

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz

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