Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Social Circle of Gloom or Doom

Social Circle of
Gloom Or Doom

Let’s face it, many, many, MANY of the people that you interact with are from your social circle. Your friends, family, and co-workers all know people, who know people,who know people. Think of it as a big spider web with you smack in the middle of it. You’ve got all these people you know (some very well, and others not so well), but nonetheless you have met them and interacted with them a handful of times at minimum. If you’re a very social, outgoing person then you may interact with more than someone who hasn’t quite spread the web out very far.

Now, since 50% of the human population is roughly women (sorry to my Japanese readers as this may not be the case in Japan with its demographics issues), these people or at least some of them know single women… duh. So, the logical thing to do is spread your wings, and find out who knows the single women.

WARNING!: If you have friends that are single, attractive females, whatever you do, don’t hang out with them! That’s wayyy to easy to meet hot women. It just wouldn’t be fair to everyone else…

Alright, enough with the sarcasm. Seriously, hot single women have other hot single friends; it’s a fact of life. Be careful about “acting” like a girl’s friend when really, you have other motives. You don’t have to try and get every hot girl. If you have any single female friends, just be friends with them. Due yourself a favor and keep that one as a friend. It will lead to some promising benefits.

Are you starting to get the idea here? Take your “social web” and broaden it, but also strengthen it. Be willing to get out there and make some new friends. Don’t always hang out with your guy friends that play XBOX all day and night. I’m not suggesting lose your friends, but broaden your horizons. Go out with some co-workers you don’t hang out with, start a new activity like yoga or tennis (I love the tennis skirts), hang out with a guy you met in class, join some sort of club, plan social gatherings at your house or wherever, and join your different social clicks together or make conversation with new people. The more experiences you have, the more women you’ll meet.

Now, a lot of women congregate at bars and night clubs. I’ve purposely left this out til the end. Bars and night clubs are so interesting to me, yet scare the crap out of a lot of men. Well, I’ve got a few suggestions for you in this area. One, make friends with the bartenders and bouncers. How? TALK TO THEM. At first, any small talk will do, maybe offer to get the bouncer some water or something non-alcoholic to drink. Chat it up with them. They’ll start to remember you, and it sure helps with the long lines if you know them.

Another idea I absolutely LOVE is becoming or getting involved with promoting the club. Ask if you can get a job doing this part time, or if that doesn’t work, offer your part-time services for FREE just to get involved. Do you know how easy and effortlessly you can walk up to a group of girls and start promoting the club that you’re associated with? Plus, being a “club promoter” carries a certain type of social status position simply when you say it. Or, ask if you could simply HELP one of the club promoters. Maybe you’ll have to do some grunt work that’s not glamorous, but it’s a doorway into the realm so to speak. Google some things about promoting clubs, night clubs, marketing clubs, being a promoter, and learn a little about it.

If you don’t wanna do that, become a bartender. Go to bartending school, and start working for one of the night clubs or bars. It can be fun, and also gives you an “in”. If you’re a big guy, work security. All these ideas get you involved, and make you an insider in this realm. Research this stuff and BE PERSISTENT in getting involved. If you’re denied one way, ask what you CAN do to get involved. Being involved with the night club scene is a great way to meet women that frequent these areas, and expand your social web.

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz