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David Deangelo Mailbag: Making Women Feel Attraction For You

“Making Women Feel ATTRACTION For You” - August 19, 2001

Sometimes I think that us guys were given some bad wiring at birth when it comes to dealing with women...

Let me explain.

Several years ago, when I first started learning how to really be more successful with women and dating, I thought that the best way to make a woman like me would be to treat her nice.

"Be a nice guy."

This only makes sense, right? You be nice, she'll be nice.

Well, it's KIND of right, only it's WRONG.

Now, I'm not saying that you should treat women badly, but I am saying that you have to do things that are interesting and ATTRACTIVE with her, not just NICE.

Have you ever known a guy that has a lot of women as "friends" but none of them want to be with him in a "romantic" way?

Well, I get emails all the time from guys who say things like "I really like this girl, but she says that she just likes me as a friend."

They want to know what to do in order to make the woman feel attracted to them as a lover. Have you ever been in this situation? Me neither.

Since it's never happened to either one of us, I'm going to tell you what to do IF it ever happens to you... ha.

I personally believe that there are certain things that make women feel ATTRACTED to men, and there are certain things that make them feel FRIENDSHIP toward men.

As I've said before, ATTRACTION is something that usually happens without the woman being in control of it.

"Attraction isn't a choice."

Let me ask you... when you see a woman that you're attracted to, do you say to yourself "Hm, she looks like an intelligent, beautiful woman. I think I'm going to turn on my attraction mechanism and feel attracted to her" ???

Heck no. You feel attracted to her in YOUR GUT.

You FEE the attraction, THEN think about it. And even if you have known someone for awhile, and you begin to feel that attraction after knowing her for awhile, it always happens before you "realize" that you're attracted.

Well, the same thing happens inside of women. And they don't control it either.

I'm going to teach you a couple of my favorite ways to make women feel ATTRACTION for you.

First of all, let me teach you a principle from the field of psychology:


You only want things you don't have.

Once you GET something, it KILLS the "wanting" feeling that you had.

One of my favorite ways to make a woman feel attracted to me is to play hard to get! I just use the old female technique in reverse! I know this sounds far out, but stay with me here.

I've already taught you how to get phone numbers. Once you've gotten a phone number or email address, now you have to figure out how to begin playing hard to get.

For instance: Let's say that you're talking to a girl on the phone, and you say "Hey, let's get a cup of tea sometime this week and enjoy some stimulating conversation... when do you work?"

Let's say she replies by saying that she can do it on Wednesday.

Here's your chance to begin playing hard to get.

You reply with "Let's see... I'm going to be busy on Wednesday, and I can't do it on Tuesday. So let's do it on Thursday."

Are you with me here?

She'll immediately think something like "Wow, he's busy a lot" and, if you're lucky "I wonder if he has another date...?"

Here's another one: Make sure you're the first one to end all conversations, phone calls, IM sessions online, etc.

I first got this idea when I read the book "The Rules"... yea, the one for women.

When you're the one who ends the conversations first, it creates a little bit of tension and triggers that "attraction" feeling.

Let's say you were on the phone, and you made plans to get together soon. As soon as it's set, say "OK, I'm going to go. I'll see you then."

Most women aren't used to having a guy be the one to end a conversation first. They're used to guys hanging on them and bugging them.

When you say "OK, I'm going to go..." it creates an immediate feeling of tension. Make it just a little bit abrupt.

And don't be surprised if she says "Hey, where are you going so fast?" Make sure you don't stay on the phone if this happens! This means you got her interest.

Just hang up, and keep it up in the future.

Remember, end all conversations, calls, IM sessions online, etc. FIRST. It creates tension and attraction. It makes women curious and it makes them think about you.

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I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.