Monday, March 29, 2010

Visual vs. Behavioral Cues

Let’s go back in time. Back to the time when guys like you and I carried clubs, slept in caves, and probably had some pretty funky hygiene by today’s standards. Back thousands of years ago, as cavemen, bad breath and stylish hair were the least of our concerns.

OK, so let’s say you’re a cave woman. How do you know which caveman to pick? Which one will you be attracted to? Is it the Abercrombie caveman model? Is there such thing as a physically attractive caveman?

Maybe. But, women don’t respond to physical attraction the way that men do. While men are attracted to VISUAL cues, women are attracted to BEHAVIORAL cues. What do I mean? Women respond to a more subconscious level of communication to decide whether or not they are attracted to a man, while men can decide almost instantly whether or not they are willing to have sex with a woman. Just observe the picture above and to the right for an obvious example. J

This is AWSOME! Why? Because if you don’t look like Brad Pitt, and have his money, then you are MORE than capable of attracting beautiful women. You’re bald? Fat? Ultra Hairy? You have warts? Great, because it really does NOT matter when talking about attracting beautiful women. If this information is new to you, I suggest you check out my free newsletter to the right!

I’ll continue. Again, women respond to sub communication from men to determine whether or not they are attractive. Think of a light switch versus a volume knob. You, as a man, act like a light switch to get aroused or attracted, while women act more like a volume knob. It takes a woman longer to decide whether or not a man is attractive.

Let’s break this idea of sub communication down even further. Sub communication involves things that are not actually spoken. It includes body language, voice tonality, posture, eye contact, and other things. In fact 98% of your communication is in your sub communication and humans (especially women) can pick up on the cues very easily. There are two types of sub communication: cues in YOUR sub communication, and cues in how people REACT to you.

Think of a celebrity who has weak sub communication, but still has a lot of people reacting to him- women may still perceive him as attractive. Or, take a normal guy who is in a 1 on 1 situation with a woman, and he has strong sub communication- she can still look at him and feel attracted.

In order to attract and keep women attracted, I suggest developing your sub communication. This is WAY MORE powerful than any technique or pickup line. In fact, if you have strong sub communication, you can literally say ANYTHING to attract a woman.

Sub communication and your behavioral cues ultimately project what’s going on inside of you, your confidence level, whether or not you car what people think of you, and whether or not you NEED the woman’s approval (which you shouldn’t). Additionally, if you feel confident, you aren’t looking for approval, and you’re comfortable in your own skin, ANYTHING you say will attract women on a primal level.

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz