Wednesday, March 31, 2010

David Deangelo- On Being A Man Review

On Being A Man Review

The boy must die in order for the man to live! The idea that males grow up in modern society without any sort of ‘rite of passage’ or formal introduction into society stands as the backbone for this seminar. What I really enjoy about this message is that it conveys one of our main issues as a modern society. The culture that we live in suppresses manhood and encourages us men to do things like discuss our feeling and be overly sensitive- things that are not inherently male.

The program features 4 DVDs and about 6 hours of audio/video. I did enjoy the program and the material discussed. However, I think that David D. delivers other material and other programs like Deep Inner Game and Man Transformations. But, with the information that I share with you next, you can probably afford multiple programs!

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