Monday, March 22, 2010

The List

The List

1 1. Eye Contact

2. Vocal Tonality

3. Body Language

4. Sense of individuality

5. Humor and Playfulness

6. Comfort in your environment

7. Indifference to what people think of you

8. Concepts and personal boundaries of what you will and will not accept

9. Control over your own emotions and own sense of reality

10. Confidence to say what’s on your mind and stand out

11. Self directedness conviction and grasp of your own standards

12. Sense of entitlement and willingness to go for what you want

13. Emotion and types of things you say all in relation to people there

If you’ve read some of my other stuff, you probably know I like to revert back to primal attraction, and to our caveman days. Again, don’t get too caught up in this, I’m just using this to make a point and a thought experiment. Please, don’t start carrying a club, and not shaving. The list above sums up your behaviors and what defines whether or not women feel attraction for you. That’s it, there’s no magic behind it now. It’s no longer a mystery. This is it. Not money. Not looks.

OK, say you’re the boss caveman and have high status in the tribe, and have lots of women and attraction, and then somehow you lose the boss caveman status. How do the women know to stop hooking up with you? THEY CAN FEEL IT. They can feel the status change, and the demeanor of how you behave shifts.

Alternatively, what if you’re a wussy or chode caveman, and you gain high status in the tribe, how do the women know to start hooking up with you? THEY CAN FEEL IT. Behavioral patterns and cues change within you, and now you’ve got all the cavewomen.

So, if attraction is still working in the same way that it used to (and it is), what does this mean for you? Well, unlike thousands of years ago, you can take BOSS CAVEMAN status at any point. Simply by giving yourself permission to do so. There isn’t another boss caveman that’s going to smash your head on a rock if you give yourself boss caveman status. All you must do is simply give yourself permission to be a man that projects the list of qualities above, and not give a DAMN what people say about it. Do not underestimate “giving yourself permission”. In any of the David Deangelo or Real Social Dynamics this is a huge topic. It sounds simple, but is usually the MOST difficult thing for men to do.

Give Yourself Permission To Succeed.

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz