Friday, March 12, 2010

The Newbie Quest

“Woa! There’s guys out there just like me that want to learn how to pickup chicks!”

“Dude, the internet is filled with information about dating women, and pickup artistry!”

“I want to get a girlfriend. I wonder if there is any information online about this?”

“How do I get hot chicks? Let’s look it up online…”

“I bet the internet has information that can help me be better with women. I really like reading the awesome articles in men’s health and GQ” (Don’t listen to this junk… at all!)

If you’ve thought any of these thoughts, or anything similar to this in the last sayyyy…. 6 months, then I hate to admit it, but you’re probably still considered a newbie (new guy) in terms of improving your life with women and dating as far as this community goes. I’m not trying to bust on you or anything, but typically you would still fall into the newbie category. If you’re still memorizing tons of openers, surfing the internet for pickup lines, or using “cocky funny” like it’s the mother of all concepts, then you probably haven’t reached the level of success that you ultimately want to have. See, the pattern for learning a new skill set or mindset goes like this:

1. Find a new area you want to learn (in this case improving success with opposite sex), and you chase after the “surface level techniques”, and “magic pills” for instant gratification and fast results

2. You use your new techniques for awhile until you realize that you aren’t maintaining your initial level of improvement, and then you get frustrated (and maybe quit and drop out of the area for awhile)

3. You COME FULL CIRCLE and seek out principles you show have known ALL ALONG in order to make the techniques really work, and in the process you wind up disregarding a lot of old techniques because they’re redundant

4. You reach a level of total mastery and internalization, where you’ve got the new skill set you want, and you can enjoy maintaining in the course of your day to day life

I give you this insight because I think it’s important that you be aware of the steps and to help you see where you are. Guess what? If you fall into #1 or #2… IT’S OK! I was there for TWO YEARS+, and don’t think for a second that I’d take back any of it. Every man that has improved himself drastically in this area has been there, and don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s a journey, and you must learn to enjoy the ride.

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz

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