Monday, March 15, 2010

Solid Text Game

Solid Text Game

Texting women has recently become a large part in attracting, and communication. It’s a great tool for building attraction. But, if you don’t understand the intricacies of the “text game” it can also shoot you in the foot.

So, what do you want to communicate when you’re texting? Well, the same thing you want to ALWAYS communicate to women: dominance, playfulness, non-neediness, confidence, value ect. ect. Nothing magical here. But, I personally think the most important things particularly to texting is PLAYFULNESS, and non-neediness. I always keep texting playful, and fun. Use this as an opportunity to make witty remarks about past interactions you’ve had, or inside jokes between you two. Lightly make fun of her or call her names like dork, nerd, homie. Basically, all the things you want to do in person, or over the phone apply to texting. But, I’ve got some more specific rules (more like guidelines) to help better explain myself.

1. USE SUSPENSE- don’t respond more quickly than she does- this builds suspense and conveys non-neediness.

2. Don’t be afraid to END a texting conversation/session- if you’ve been texting back and forth for awhile, and the text messages seem energetic, fun, and you feel like she’s really starting to enjoy it… STOP! Yes, that’s what I meant, stop texting. Don’t say “bye”, “haha well I have to go”, “see ya later”, or anything, just don’t respond back. So, what does this do? Well, for one it leaves her wanting more, and she now is left with a positive, energetic vibe from the interaction.

3. Build ATTRACTION not friendship.

4. Don’t be BORING or predictable

Seems obvious, right? Well, you’d be surprised. Here’s some example conversations not to do:

You: Hey, what’s up?

Her: Not much. About to blah blah…..

You: Cool. I’m blah blah blah. What are you doing later?

Her: I don’t know. Probably blah blah blah….

You: Cool. Well, you wanna hang out later?


This is so boring. No attraction. No fun. No Playfulness, and it’s taking value by asking her what she’s doing, and offering ZERO value. This brings me to my next point.

Offer Value.

If you’re new to this type of material, then this might not make sense. You know that feeling you get when someone constantly wants something from you. The constant nagging, or always wondering what you are doing because they don’t have their own plans, and just want to “tag along” all the time? Or, when someone is yearning for your approval? This is taking value. What you want to do is OFFER value. Here’s some text examples:

Taking Value

“hey, what are you doing?”
“What’s up?”
“Is that Ok?”
“Can you…”
“Will you…”

Offering Value

Tell funny story
Tell your plans
Tell YOUR thoughts
A funny thing you saw

Never second guess yourself, EVER! Whatever you want to say, say it. If you think it’s funny. Say it.

The Golden Rule
Here it is. The one thing that will allow you to say the right thing every time, with perfect timing, and never “mess up”. You ready… SELF AMUSEMENT. There it is. If whatever you are saying/doing amuses YOU, then you can’t go wrong. Self-amusement says all the right things about you. It makes you non-needy, non-outcome dependent, funny, and confident. WARNING: if used correctly, you are unstoppable. But, in case you still need some tips, here’s some personal favorites of mine. Don’t wear them out J

Openers To Starting Text Conversations
“Hey 3rd favorite brat, what are you doing?”
“Wow, I’ve got you on lock down. You just opened your phone for no reason.”
“You wouldn’t believe the dream I had last night”
“I’m luring women to my house with candy. Do you prefer skittles or M&M’s?”

(bring whichever to next meeting)
(Do in person, whichever they say, pull out of pocket, pop one in your mouth, and say “want a skittle/M&M?”

“Smile if you masturbate” (say while in same room. Then you catch her smiling.)
“Girls are gross..”
“Just saw on the news burnt body found in _______. It’s fatter and has an abnormally small brain. Please let me know if you’re alright!!!”
(caution, make sure she’s really attractive, and has lots of self confidence before you say this one)

“Hey! I really want to see you but the dang security guard won’t let me in the zoo! Can you escape?”

“If you ever disappear while hiking, I’d remain in the search party until it started raining”

“Quick, respond to this text. Anything!”
Her: “blah blah….”
You: “Ok good. I had to prove to my friend that monkey/retards could text J

Remember, self amusement. Get creative.

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz