Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Self Is Always Coming Through

The Self Is Always Coming Through

The title makes it sound like I’m about to go off onto some pretty deep, complicated analysis of all this stuff, and really all you want to know is how to get girls, right?

What does “the self is always coming through” mean? I originally got the phrase from Tyler Durden of Real Social Dynamics. Tyler basically says that you can’t hide what’s going on inside of you when you’re speaking with a woman. Sure, you can use techniques, and say things that will mask up your inner game, but ultimately, sooner or later, the inside/core beliefs/ inner game will prevail. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, your beliefs, and what you have to say, how can anyone else? If you don’t know what YOU value, how can anyone else value you?!

This is GREAT news! Let’s say you’re a really cool guy. You know what you value in life, and you don’t let society dictate your values, you respect yourself above all else, you know what you appreciate in life, and you know that you have high value. You walk up to a woman and say something totally off the wall and ridiculous. “Hey, I like chapstick. My favorite flavor is peach chapstick.” Guess what? She’s going to feel attraction for you if you’ve developed a “Core Confidence” On the flipside, let’s say you don’t believe you are a worthy guy, you think that the woman you’re about to approach is really attractive, and deep down, you don’t think that you deserve her. You can approach her and say the sweetest story about anything, and it’s not going to stick. She won’t FEEL the attraction. The self is always coming through. ..

This is great news because if you’re a cool, confident guy, you don’t have to mess with memorizing lines, thinking about what to say all the time, and worrying about things that simply don’t matter when attracting women. If you haven’t reached this level, I would suggest that you keep working on yourself, and there’s work to be done! If the thought of “the self is always coming through” scares you right now, don’t worry. First, accept that this thought is a little scary, and then move onto seeing how you can accept this truth and deal with it. First, I’d suggest checking out my free e-course and you can signup over on the right. I unveil all the best material for attracting women that I’ve ever read, or seen! Next, I’d check out the product reviews. I help you select the best products in the industry of self improvement and improving your dating life. This is coming soon so stay in contact with the blog!

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Brittan Benz