Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Is Social Conditioning?

What is Social Conditioning? Is It Bad?

First I would like to give credit to Tyler of RSD for the concepts discussed in this article. He provided most of the insight and the ideas, but I thought it would by nice to reiterate it here!

We live in an incredible period of human history. We send human beings to the moon, for a few hundred bucks we can fly around the world, and you’re on your computer right now with access to any type of information on anything imaginable within seconds. You can connect with anyone around the world at anytime.

But, when it comes down to understanding exactly how some of these things work, do you completely understand it? Take the computer you’re using for example. If you had all the little chips, pieces, and wires layed out on the ground, could you rebuild it, and explain how each piece of the computer interacted, or connected with other pieces? Or, take your car or whatever mode of transportation method you use. Do you understand exactly how it works? How each piece of the car is used to help run the car in excruciating detail?

Some may understand how it works to an extent if you’re educated on the subject, and even still you don’t really, really, really understand how it works.

Point being, it’s a natural tendency to give authority to society. Your mind is subconsciously telling itself “Hey, if society understands this, then it must be right about everything else”. It’s very easy to get into the habit of giving authority to society. I mean, every second of your life, your being influenced by social conditioning.

Humans learn really, really fast, and as a species, it’s one of our greatest strengths. As humans, we can learn in one of two ways:

1. Firsthand Experience

2. Society (Secondhand)

Here’s an example. Did you know that if you drink a gallon of gasoline, and then go excerise, it will actually make you have superhuman strength, and speed? Seriously. The gasoline contains enzymes that are digested, and turn into this form of human rocketfuel! It’s what all the world class sprinters drink before meets. You could be a world class sprinter too if you tried it.

Right, here comes the part where you tell me it’s not true, and I’m lying. Everyone’s a critic. What’s really going to happen if you drink a gallon of gasoline? You’ll probably need immediate medical attention, and you may die.

But, how did you know that? What happened last time you drank a gallon of gasoline? OH, You’ve NEVER DONE IT?? So, how do you know I’m wrong? What gives you the authority to say I’m wrong? If you’re now willing to prove me wrong, what gives you the right? At some point, you learned that gasoline is poisonous to injest whether it be from mom, dad, TV or other source. You learned it socially!

So, elsewhere people say “Oh. I hate social conditioning.” You HATE SOCIAL CONDITIONING?! If you don’t want to drink gasoline, and become majorly ill or die, you don’t hate social conditioning!

See, that’s why social conditioning and this information is confusing, because in most cases, social conditioning is a good thing, and a huge asset to your survival. Without it, who knows what you’d do or try that may harm you. People are constantly looking to other people to learn and see who they can learn off of. But, you see, unless you’re aware of this, you may have allowed many of your thoughts, and what’s valuable to you, to be shaped by social conditioning and other people. Advertising and the media are constantly sending you messages on what to value, and who you are, and what you should be in order to fit into society.

Now, it’s important to understand that I’m not trying to create some weird cult thing, or some crazy anti-government or anti-society thinking, or anything like that. I love movies, food, fast cars, and TV shows like entourage, lost, and 24 (jack bauer is awesome). It’s more than OK to appreciate and really like these things. I mean, where would we be without society and it’s amazing innovation. It’s allowed us leisure time, and the ability to appreciate these things.

All I’m saying is allow yourself to hold both concepts. Social Conditioning vs. finding your own values, beliefs and concepts. Decide what you find interesting, what you value in people, and what you believe, and don’t let society dictate that to you.

So, what in the heck does this have to do with rockstar success with women? Having your own set of values and beliefs, and knowing what you value out of life is DEADLY in attracting beautiful women. Instantly, you become a person centered in your own reality, you don’t let women have power over you, you have absolute confidence in yourself because you’re not looking to other or society to tell you what to say, what to think or how to act around women. You’re a REAL MAN,and beautiful women can see this INSTANTLY when talking to you.

I encourage you to really, really take some time with yourself and think about what you value, and what you believe. What’s valuable to you? What qualities do you want in a woman? What personal goals do you have? Forget what people want from you or expect from you. Don’t be afraid to write them down, and make them concrete. Keep it with you, and don’t be afraid to modify, change or delete.

If you’re new to the idea of improving your success with women, some of this may be too advanced for you, and you may still be in the beginning stages of understanding women, and developing yourself into an attractive man. If so, let me direct you to some other sources that may be more beneficial in the beginning. My e-course newsletter is a great resource and you can signup for it on your right by giving me your first name and email. This stuff is GREAT if you’re a beginner or advanced. Also, check out my product reviews that I will be providing soon via this blog!

To Your Success,
Brittan Benz