Friday, July 9, 2010

Attracting Women and The Counter Intuitive
If you aren’t already familiar with the term, the “counter intuitive” is an expression that means something is REVERSE of what you would logically THINK it is.  Example, a number pattern 1…2….3….385,548,648.  Or how about red…orange…blue…green….MEOOOW.  The number “385,548,648” and the noise a cat makes “MEOOOW” don’t fit in with the rest of the groups.  Why? Because it’s not what you would logically expect to come next.  Reading women, and understanding attraction can leave you feeling completely lost.  But, what if I told you there was an answer to this madness?  All you need is the “magic decoder”. 
Think of this website, my articles, and the products I recommend as the “magic decoder” for attraction and understanding women.  If I told you the pattern was list three numbers in order, then a long, random strand, or list four colors and then an animal noise, the above patterns would make sense, and you could easily repeat.  Let me debunk some common “counter intuitive” principles:
Be Nice, And She’ll Be Nice To You
This makes sense doesn’t it?  Like mom always says, be nice, and she’ll be nice to you.  It’s not that simple my friend.  Being “nice” isn’t what sparks attraction.  I’m NOT suggesting being rude, or mean to women, I’m simply pointing out it’s simply not what matters.  It’s an anomaly.  It’s just there.  Being nice is what it is.  It makes no difference one way or the other when attracting women.  It’s like saying be nice, and you’ll make a jump shot, or be nice, and you’ll be able to read minds.  It’s not RELEVANT.  If you’d like to get a more clear understanding of what IS relevant in creating insane attraction, I would recommend checking out my other articles, and my product reviews.

Buy gifts, dinners, and flowers early on and she’ll respect your thoughtfulness
Nope.  This doesn’t do much either.  See, when you buy these things for women, what are you really telegraphing without your words?  Something to the effect of “I got you flowers/gifts/dinner/chocolates /car/house/clothes because I thought you’d like them.  I only did them for the pure motive of showing you how much of a gentleman I am”?  Not exactly… more like “I got you ____ because I really think that being with me and my personal time isn’t valuable enough so this is here to compensate, and I hope that you like them because I, as a man, do not offer enough by myself”.  This may seem a little harsh, but it’s closer to the truth.  When you do things like this early on, you’re sending a message that you do not value what you have to offer as a person, and the external things are supposed to stand in place of your lack of value.  

Think “this woman is special” because she’s super hot and do something “different” to get her to like you
Let’s say that you meet this really awesome girl.  Like realllly great.  You’re so giddy and excited because you think you’ve met the most awesome girl on the planet.  Andddddd, she may even kinda like you.  I know you probably think this girl is “special” and maybe you should be extra nice, or spend extra time with her, or whatever.  But, this simply is NOT the case.  See, women that are of very high value (9s and 10s) are literally bombarded with guys treating them like they’re special, and they can SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you treat the really high quality women “special” that you’re doing yourself a favor, because you aren’t.  In fact, it’s counterproductive.  If anything, hang back, don’t be overly concerned about what happens, and let the chips fall where they may.  Give her EXTRA space, and distance.  Don’t call her as much, don’t see her as much, and don’t do thinks like buy expensive gifts and dinners.
Giving complements, texting all the time, calling all the time, and devoting lots of attention will show her what a great guy you are!
If the above statement makes sense to you, think again.  You may think that you’re sending a message of how much you “care”, but really what you’re communicating is “I NEED to give you compliments, text you all the time, call you all the time, and devote lots of attention to you because the value that I offer as a man is not enough to stand on its own in comparison to you.”  Again, maybe a little extreme, but it’s what’s being communicated on a deeper level.
So, I’ve told you what to stay away from, and what not to do, but what about if you want to improve your life, and success with women.  A major sticking point for me has been that I had these thoughts, and emotions that ran through my head very similar to these, and the key to success lies within your own head.  But, you must first crack through the junk, and all these false beliefs, and free your mind.  In order to have massive success with women, it’s important that you understand these dynamics.  My “magic decoder” to all of this is in many of the products that I’ve listed under my product reviews.  I can’t begin to explain how much they’ve made a difference in my life.  

Stay Tuned Friends.
To Your Success,
Brittan Benz