Friday, July 9, 2010

David Deangelo Body Language DVD Review

 David Deangelo Body Language DVD Review

The Body Language program has some great information. I especially enjoy the piece where David brings men on stage at various times and picks apart the body language and improves upon it. When the audience and David D. manipulate things like posture, stance, facial movements, clothing, hands, and other pieces, you can instantly detect the status and body language convey higher or lower status.

Here’s a brief breakdown of some things included on the program:

Disc 1- mating dance; body language as direct communication

Disc 2- how status conveyed through body language; walking/posture; body language as a projection of inner game; presentation by Mystery

Disc 3- Mystery continuation; Steve and Eric (A.K.A. Steve P. and Hypnotica). Both go into some NLP and a few brief exercises. Finally, Craig comes in to give his opinions and principles on body language

Disc 4- Craig continues to give insight about tactics and principles of body language. As far as the guest speakers, I like Craig’s material and insight better than any of them even though I’m a pretty big Tyler Durden fan (he’s the next guest speaker).

As usual, David Deangelo’s program offers value, and I especially like Craig and Tyler Durden at the end of the program.

The downside, as with many of the programs, the price is a little steep ($200). The program is best suited for beginner to intermediate. However, I would NOT recommend it as a first program, but rather the second or third program. Check out some of my other reviews for products I’d recommend as “first” programs. 

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Check out a short clip of the Body Language DVD: