Saturday, July 10, 2010

Should I Really Leave My Relationship?

 Should I Really Leave My Relationship?
Sometimes I think it’s good to question your motives, behaviors, and reasons why you do things.  You have to consider why you are dating.
Here I want to talk about relationships.  Yes, I know, not usually a main topic of discussion, however, stay with me, because I think this is relevant.
Again, I think it’s relevant and healthy to question your motives and why you do things every once in awhile.  It’s good to be confident and decisive, yes, but what I mean is a core questioning.
Do I still want to be in this relationship?
Is it still healthy for me?
Am I growing as a person in this relationship?
These are relevant questions.  I discovered awhile back that your always living or dying.  You’re either growing as a man, or become more of a chode, and a wuss.
For me, I’ve bounced around from relationship to relationship, and currently I’m in a relationship that’s lasted about a year.  It’s happy and it’s great.  I really do feel like I’m growing from it, and that it’s healthy.

So the question still remains, Should I Really Leave My Relationship?
But, let me tell you what’s not healthy: A relationship that you’re in just because you don’t have anything else better at the current moment.  Yes, I’ve been there and done that as well.  You justify it by saying, “Well, I’ll stick around with her until something better comes around.”
So, what’s the problem with that? How much mental energy are you devoting to that person? How much time are they taking up? How much of that time could be spent towards improving yourself rather than sitting around just “waiting until something better just shows up”?
It’s perfectly natural to want women in your life. I want women in my life.  I enjoy having sexy, smart, intelligent women in my life.  And, I deserve it.
But, a relationship is like a trade off.  If you’re in a relationship that’s not brining you satisfaction right now, and you don’t feel your growing from the experience, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run.
It’s the easy thing to do.  Stay in a relationship until something better comes along.
Also, I think that this also comes from the fear of being  alone.  If you end a relationship, and decide to work on yourself, and your life rather than be a serial relationshiper, you are ultimately leading yourself to a window of time where you will be alone.  There will be a time where you don’t have a girlfriend or significant other.
You want me to let you in on a little secret- that’s ok.  It’s ok to be single, and have no strings attached to anyone.  It’s healthy to do every once in awhile.
Being alone and having no strings attached to any type of girl is healthy.  It allows you to grow as a man, and also allows you to become comfortable with being by yourself.  They guys that are awesome with women and can create natural attraction are totally, 100% OK with being alone, and being just with themselves.  It’s important to be OK with this.
If you’re between relationships or you’re looking to be single for awhile, develop yourself, build your social circle, and be happy with it.
To Your Success,
Brittan Benz

P.S. When you and your girlfriend are at this level, you may want to reconsider your relationship.  WARNING: This video is not suitable for children and contains violence.  But, it's also mildly entertaining!