Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cut From A Different Cloth?

Cut From A Different Cloth?

A big “ah-ha” that I had about attracting women and dating is a term that I borrowed from RSD (Real Social Dynamics) called we are all “cut from the same cloth” or also phrased no one is “cut from a different cloth”. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s pretty simple. Think about all your fears, frustrations, desires, feelings, and thoughts. You may think some bizarre stuff. You may think that you’re the ONLY person in the WORLD who has your same apprehensions, fears, and frustrations. But, you’re not!

The reason I say this is because as you read articles on this website, and follow the E-Course, you will realize that there are some guys that get more women that you ever thought possible. Guys literally can go to a new city or new place, not know a single person, and absolutely OWN it. They make friends with everyone, the women eat them up, and they make everyone’s night better. And, it’s not because of their money or looks, or anything like that. If you’re sitting there thinking, “Well, I couldn’t do something like that, that’s not me”, I say BULLSHIT!

No matter how BAD or hopeless you think you may be, no matter what problems you have, or fears that you think are not conquerable, they CAN be conquered, and I GUARANTEE you that there are men out that started off worse than you, and with way worse “problems” that conquered them and eventually changed their life.

Want an example? There are countless, Tyler Durden, one of the founders of Real Social Dynamics, started off about 8 years ago really screwed up mentally, with NO success with women, a major chode, below average looks (sorry Tyler), and harboring a LOT of negative beliefs about women in general. Today, he runs one of the most prominent and respect businesses helping men deal with their issues and become more successful with women, and I have MASSIVE respect for him (not to mention being a total MACK with women). In fact, most of the men that run self development companies or have products like David Deangelo, the guest speakers on programs, Carlos Xuma, and others weren’t exactly born with the skills and beliefs that allow them to be successful with women. Actually, many of them were self-proclaimed wussy’s and chodes. They did not have NATURALLY good skills with women. But, they made a conscious effort to change their lives, face their fears, and take back control of their lives.

Ever heard of Sean Stephenson? Sean has been featured on countless television programs, interviews, he’s a college graduate, a Phd in psychology, and one of David Deangelo’s dear friends. He was born with a rare bone condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, that makes his bones extremely brittle and him extremely fragile. He’s been confined to a wheelchair for the 30 years of his life. Check out this short clip from the David Deangelo Man Transformations DVD:


If you think you have physical limitations or fears or excuses that are holding you back, think again! This guy, despite all of his physical issues, has a dating life, and probably a good one at that.

Remember to think of Sean Stephenson next time you have a fear or excuse holding you back. You are NOT cut from a different cloth as the guys that are living a life of sexual abundance, they’ve simply chosen to take action and take control of their life for the better!

To Your Success,

Brittan Benz